Monday, September 25, 2006

Home loans boost ARW

Providing advice to existing mortgage holders can be a powerful way of adding value for clients and boosting recurring income for the business, a Norwich-based adviser has found.

The strategy has proved so successful for ARW Partnership that it is now training a full-time member of staff to advise on mortgages.

‘This is all about client retention’, said Ian Roberts, partner at ARW. ‘In particular, we are focusing on clients with mortgages hitting the two-year stage, as many have fixed deals for that period.’

ARW employs 12 staff, seven of whom are advisers. It advises more than 8,000 clients around the UK, and 1,000 of these have mortgages.

There are two main reasons to revisit mortgage clients, according to Roberts.
‘Firstly, the mortgage market will be very different since the deals were originally taken out. And secondly, an individual’s circumstances may have have changed in that time.


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